Full Service Massage In London

Turn the heat up a little with one of our sexy masseuses and have some full service massage fun.

You may have come across the term full service massage before, essentially this means an erotic massage followed by a full intimate deep sexual encounter.

What happens during this massage is strictly between two consenting adults, and please remember that not all masseuses offer this.

If they do offer it then you are in for a real treat, having an erotic massage in London is fun enough but when the masseuse goes into a full service scenario then the pleasure levels can just explode with joy.

Why Is This Better Than Visiting An Escort?

The reason this session is better than visiting an escort is because sensual massage is the best type of foreplay.

It gives both people a chance to warm up and to really build those orgasmic feelings before going to a full sexual encounter. 

When you try a full service tantric massage you will find that most visits to escorts will be very dull compared to what we offer.

From the soft strokes of those intimate areas to the deep eye gazing, the full service masseuses at Erotic Massage London Eva know how to completely overwhelm a man in sensual ecstasy.

What Makes The Eva Girls Stand Out...

What our masseuses do offer is a very hot, intimate and intense body to body massage which finishes in a very happy way.

Many of our regular clientele say the experience we provide is much better than sex.

If you don't believe us then we challenge you to have a hot and horny session with one of our erotic masseuses and see for yourself how amazing it is. 

Visit our gallery now to see the full line up of sexy ladies.