Your Foot Fetish Fantasy in London

It’s no secret that a lot of men love women’s feet and it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

This common fetish represents all sorts of fantasies for men of all kinds.

Getting a foot fetish massage in London is an incredibly popular way for men to spend their time.

What is a foot fetish massage and what can you expect in the session?

Why do men get turned on by women’s feet, anyway?

What is a Foot Fetish Massage?

Men who love women’s feet want, first and foremost, to touch them and be touched by them. Lying with a woman, rubbing their feet together, is enough to turn many men on.

A foot fetish massage takes it so much further.

A foot fetish massage involves a masseuse massaging you with her feet. She’ll massage your feet too, if you’d like, but will spend most of the time digging her toes into you.

Applying pressure with her heels and arches, and letting you touch them to your heart’s content.

Fetishes can be very personal, and not every man wants the same thing. A London foot fetish massage will be tailored to your desires.

If you want to stroke her feet or put your lips to them, that’s your prerogative. Don’t be scared to ask for what you want – even if it’s a fantasy you've never spoken out loud.

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Why do men get turned on by women’s feet?

Feet are very polarising when it comes to sensuality. Some men are not comfortable with them at all. But many love them and get seriously turned on by them.

What is the reason for this, seeing as they're not a particularly erogenous zone?

Different men like different things about feet. Some love the curvature of the arches and heels, finding that very sexy.

Others see them as the start of the legs, which ultimately lead upwards towards their ultimate desire. There are even those who like the smell.

There are no definitive answers to this question. Like most matters of sexuality, there is no rational answer.

We are not in control of what turns us on, but we can make the most of that turn-on.

A foot fetish is something you can really take advantage of.

After all, most women who you are with will enjoy a foot massage or some foot worship.

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Reasons why you should try this massage in London.

A foot fetish massage is very different to other massages, as the part of the body massaging you is a turn-on and not just the massage.

Masseuses trained in foot fetish massage know exactly how to use their feet to relax your body and apply pressure in the most sensual way possible.

If you love feet, this massage is a dream come true.

Even if you don’t, you'll enjoy the experience and get a better idea of how sexy women’s feet can be.

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