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Want a slippery body to body nuru massage in London?

This treatment has become one of our clients favourites due to the intimate nature of techniques that are involved.

Just ponder on this thought for one second – a very beautiful and charming women will help you take your clothes off and then provide you with a deeply therapeutic rub down.

The attractive masseuse will then cover her naked body in slippery gel and then proceeding to give your body an erotic massage that will send you to the stars. If this description does not get you slightly hot under the collar then we are not sure what will.

slippery nuru gel massage

What we do is hot, intimate and intense therapeutic adult fun

Let us explain a little more…

For us it is about making sure our clients leave with the biggest smile on their face, their mind at peace and their body rested. A top rated nuru massage in London is one of the best ways to achieve this result.

So if you fancy a very sexy women sliding up and down your naked body then we suggest you phone us today to arrange a booking. We have masseuses based across London who can see you for incall and outcalls.

As we have probably already mentioned a million times already across this entire website, our girls really are the best. We know that is a little egotistic of us to say but it really is true.





Information about the nuru gel

Please note due to many people asking us the question regarding what type of gel we use, the gel we use is organic and original nuru gel.

This type of gel is the best as it will contain many healthy vitamins which is great for your skin. In Asia, the gel is even described by pharmacists as a gel with great healing properties that can keep skin fresh, rejuvenated and young looking.

You of course need to be careful of certain masseuses in London and elsewhere who try to cut corners and save money by buying low quality gel that will harm your skin and possibly cause irritation.

We are fans of every thing organic including the food in our diet. Why would anyone want to keep stuffing their body full of food products that contain all kinds of harmful stuff?

We never mind paying a few more pennies for the good organic food and that goes for the gel we use too. Our philosophy for how we run our erotic massage service and how their girls do their massage is to make sure we are only offering the very highest of services.

This includes making sure we have all the high quality products to assist us too.

In Conclusion

To conclude this wonderful introduction into the world of nuru massage, we strongly advise you to call us to arrange a session.
We guarantee you it will be intimate, personal, intense and lot of fun.

It is the perfect way to enjoy your time off from work or study, and the ultimate in adult relaxation.

To put it bluntly this style of body to body massage is the finest thing to come out of Japan since sushi. We know we have used many food based analogies in this article, just for the record we are not obsessed with eating we just want to make the point of how superb this therapy is.

If you do not believe us then come try it for your self.


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