Our Intimate Tantric Massage in London

This therapy is the most popular in London and is a truly special experience.

Tantric massage is a therapy that has been used for hundreds of years as a way to help people live a more healthy life both physically and mentally.

It is a special art form that takes years to properly master.

Like a composer conducting an orchestra, the aim of the masseuse is to help the receiver ride the waves of orgasm.

This form of therapy is an excellent way to prepare your mind and body for tantric love making too.

Every masseuse has a different style and way of delivering this therapy. However, if the masseuse is well trained and has an understanding of tantra massage she will help you achieve an orgasm that is a wonderful feeling.

The girls at Erotic Eva love to provide their clients with their unique tantric massage sessions and will make sure you experience the very best of this therapy.

A description of what you can expect explained directly from one of our London masseuses...

''I skilfully use my soft hands to relax and excite you. I also incorporate sensual touch elements to fully awaken all you senses.

As I work my way up your body my gentle breath against your ears and neck will give you goose bumps all over.

Once you are fully relaxed I will ask you to turn over where I will start to gently work on your front.

I will caress and touch your most sensitive areas with an exquisite erotic touch that only few know how to give.

I will tease you and build your pleasure to ever greater heights, each time taking you closer to the edge.

The end of the session will be explosive, and after we have finished we can take a shower together where you can gently float back down from your cloud of ecstasy.

It will be an hour or more of complete satisfaction you could possibly receive. If you think you can handle such extreme pleasure then call today.''

Come try our tantric massage in London.

If the description above from our masseuse hasn't already got you phoning us, then we advise you to browse the gallery to view all the ladies who will give you this intimate therapy.

Call us now to arrange a date and time for your special sexy personal tantra session.