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Massage With Oral In London

Heighten the pleasure of erotic massage with oral

As we have previously discussed, massage is the best type of foreplay as it gets both partners in the mood and is the perfect way to build that sensual fever. Another idea you and your partner can try to take things to the next level of pleasure is to introduce oral into the massage.

Going down on your girlfriend or her going down on you feels very nice indeed. There is an art to giving a blow job, and as with everything it just takes practise to hone those tantalising tongue skills.

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Try These Lounge Techniques

A woman can lick up and down the whole shaft and then move her tongue around the head of the penis. This little trick feels amazing and really starts to release those endorphin’s in the males brain. A man of course can lick up and down the walls of the vagina and then tickle the clit with his tongue.

Even More Ideas

An oral massage of course is not just about blow jobs. Oral can mean any part of the human body being teased by another persons tongue and lips.

This could be butterfly kissing along your partners back and legs, or even breathing on your partners neck as you slide up their torso when giving a body to body massage.

Find Out For Your Self

We will not go into too many details or suggest other ideas as this up to to find out. There of course many erotic masseuses in London who offer oral as part of the sensual massage experience.

When the masseuse starts of a massage in the normal way with deep tissue massage, and then starts to get more intimate, she many move into oral. Be careful though as you may imagine this can feel truly amazing and you have to be careful that you don’t explode too early.




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