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Tantric Love Making

You may have heard celebrities talk about it, or seen books about it, but what exactly is tantric love making?

Tantra is a Hindu philosophy that revolves around doing practices to focus the mind, the aim is to go into deep meditation where your mind is sound and not distracted. To get your mind into this state there are many ways to practice such as yoga or tantric love making.

When you having sex in this style, your mind and actions will be one hundred percent focused on your partner, there will be no other thoughts in your mind.

tantric love making

Where does going for a tantric massage in London fit into all of this?

Tantric massage is the same, despite what the masseuse is doing to your body, your mind should be focused on your breathing only. This is why if you want to get really good at tantric love making with your partner having a tantric massage is an excellent way to prepare for this.

There are of course many reasons to do love making in a tantra style whether it is for meditation, spiritual purposes, health reasons or because you want to make your partner very happy.

However, the ultimate purpose is to achieve a higher state of consciousness by having your mind focused on the important things in life.

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