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Beer + Massage = A Dangerous Mix

When you’re about to enjoy a pleasurable massage, a glass of beer or wine, may seem highly appealing.

However, the substantive effects on the body and mind, caused by alcohol and massage combined, can actually be detrimental to your health. Mixing massage therapy and booze increases the toxic load on the body, and can also cloud your judgement and desensitise you to pain. So before headed out for your sexy massage in London,ask yourself ‘should I have a beer before my massage?.’

beer and massage

How Alcohol Affects The Body

Alcohol is dehydrating, and makes the body work much harder at excreting it through the kidneys. Booze also impairs judgement and affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

After drinking alcohol the area that is responsible for the body’s overall physical coordination – the cerebellum – decreases in energy consumption, making control of the body more difficult.

Alcohol produces many chemical affects on the brain, and is responsible for increasing the levels of nor-epinephrine, that control arousal and heightened excitement. The sensation of touch is reduced and nerve endings can become desensitised. Control over aggressive behaviour is also impaired.

Massage is a therapeutic treatment with plenty of health benefits.

It improves the removal of toxins and metabolic waste, enhances circulation, helps to lower blood pressure, stabilises hormone production, and disperses nutrients more effectively throughout the body. Massage also stimulates the kidneys and liver.

When mixed with booze the effects become detrimental and are multiplied. The stimulation and manipulation releases toxins into the body and can increase the effects of alcohol. The type of massage determines whether alcohol acts a sedative or a stimulant on the body and mind.




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