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Nuru Massage - Not Just For Men

Nuru massage is a body to body massage that uses the softest touch to achieve heightened sensual satisfaction.

Due to the tantalising touch on offer, the Asian technique of nuru massage is a popular massage choice for many men. The seductive nude body massage however is non-exclusive, and delivers an equally pleasurable outcome for open-minded women who wish to explore their innermost desires.

nuru massage

Let Us Tell You About The Erotic Appeal Of This Massage

The exotic ritual of erotic female massage is an opportunity for a woman to connect with her divine femininity. During a nuru massage session every aspect of the body is caressed with pleasurable sensations, and super slick, ultra-moisturising nuru gel.

Through the application of gentle strokes and soft and sensual techniques, you can experience heightened sensitivity and intimate arousal like never before.

Women appreciate the connection of touch in a spiritual way that stimulates the mind, body and spirit, and nuru delivers this intimate release. In the nuru massage videos it always seems to be women massaging men, however there is an increasing amount of women who are enjoying it.  

The healing touch of massage is beneficial for everyone, and can help to improve many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. The holistic approach is not exclusive. A nuru massage is not just sexy and erotic but offers a pleasurable anti-stress alternative to medications and other forms of stress relief.

The soft, silky touch of skin on skin melts away everyday concerns and opens up the door to greater self-awareness. As you enjoy the sensual massage you will experience multiple healing benefits.

Feminine Arousal

Ladies, it’s time to let go of pre-conceived ideas and inhibitions and to consider the benefits of nuru massage. A woman understands a woman’s body and needs much more quickly and precisely than a man may understand.

A Japanese nuru massage in London that is delivered by an experienced female masseuse will therefore be an arousing experience that blows your mind. Her soft touch and caresses will awaken the skin and activate your pleasure zones.

Gentle rhythmic movement will stimulate the senses even further, for the ultimate massage experience. Erotic body to body massage is discrete, relaxing and therapeutic.

There is no need to be shy about shedding your clothes in front of another female. Your experienced masseuse will be sensitive to your needs, and will ensure that the sensual massage is a pleasurable and satisfying holistic experience for you.

Simply lie back and relax whilst your masseuse glides slick nuru gel over your body. The perfect lubrication for the application of intensely soft and gentle body on body massage movements.

As you relax and unwind, you can connect with your divine feminine side. If you’re looking for reasons to justify indulging your sensual desires with nuru massage, here are a few for your consideration.

Sensual nuru massage helps to reconnect the mind, body and spirit. As you relax, you’ll let go of inhibitions and pre-conceived notions about erotic massage. You will feel more connected to yourself. Your confidence will be boosted. You can let go of stress, anxiety and worries

The gentle massage strokes will stimulate the skin, and improve its appearance. You can explore your secret sensual desires with complete discretion




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