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The Power Of Empathy In Massage Therapy

Some people consider empathy to be a kind of intuitive sense, but it is actually the resonance between individuals.

A masseuse who has emphatic skills experiences the feeling of others as if they were their own.

Powerful Connection

Empathy plays an important role in the therapeutic relationship between masseuse and client. Empathy means to ‘feel as one with’ and deepens the connection between individuals. During a massage session empathy enables a masseuse to anticipate what will relax the client, and how to instinctively use touch for ultimate therapeutic benefit.

Empathy can also make erotic massage more of a shared experience.

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The Values Of Empathy In Massage

There are a number of key values that are required to be empathetic. When the values are used in massage therapy the relationship between client and masseuse becomes more effective and beneficial.


Being sensitive to the feelings of others enables effective communication and a deeper understanding of the other person’s needs. Sensitivity also extends the sense of ‘knowing’.


To deliver an effective and beneficial massage treatment it is important to use active listening skills. Engaging in open communication enables the emphatic masseuse to validate and confirm what she is ‘feeling’ from the client.


The showing of appreciation, through sensitive touch, can demonstrate empathy and make the receiver feel valued. This level of understanding of the mind, body and spirit enhances all massage practice.

Perfect Balance

Whilst empathy is an important tool, and a helpful dimension in a massage practice, professional therapists must also remain professionally detached. The balance between the two enables a masseuse to provide a more effective treatment and service for every client.

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