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Sensational Sensual Oils

The best sensual massage oils to enhance the erotic mood.

Essential sensual oils enhance intimacy, passion and libido and promote many health and well-being benefits. Sensual scents and aromatic aphrodisiac oils lift the mood, lower inhibitions and enrich the sexual experience.

Erotic touch and massage calms the nervous system, and is a great bonding prerequisite to sex. When you add the scent of sensual essential oils, the intimate encounter becomes passionate play with unlimited benefits!

For optimal arousal it’s best to select a sensational sensual oil that is warming and has aphrodisiac qualities. Choose clary sage, jasmine, neroli, rose, sandalwood, vetiver or ylang ylang, and lie back and enjoy an elevated erotic massage.

Essential oils can also be blended to create a bespoke scent with extended pay off.

sensual oils

Different oils

Ylang Ylang

One of the most popular aphrodisiac sensual oils, Ylang Ylang boosts mood, relaxes muscles, slows a racing heart and decreases blood pressure. This uplifting scent helps to balance emotions and has a calming effect, which is perfect for pleasurable full body massage and tantric adventures.


Sandalwood is one of the oldest known perfumes and has been used as a potent tension reliever for centuries. The heady masculine scent is a powerful aphrodisiac that gets the passion flowing. This sensual oil is also great for warming and relaxing muscles and for balancing blood pressure.


Jasmine has an amazing fragrance that instantly uplifts and boosts confidence, optimism and well-being. The sensual aphrodisiac aromatherapy oil works on a deep emotional level, and helps to combat stress-related conditions, nervous exhaustion and depression.




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