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Bubbly Erotic Bath Time

If you fancy sharing a bath with a sexy masseuse before your massage the you are in luck.

Our shared bath experience is a new addition we are making to our sensual massage portfolio. It has been something that has been requested by many of our clients for a long time now so we thought the time was due to make it part of the whole mix of erotic treats we offer here at Erotic Massage London Eva.

And believe us when we say having a relaxing shared bath with your masseuse is a great way to start your session. You can share a bath with your masseuse for any session. However we do recommend having the soapy massage, as it really is a great way to begin this session.

shared bath

What To Expect From This Experience

Once you have arrived at your masseuses apartment, been welcomed in and sat down, the masseuse will ask you to strip off and join her in the bathroom. The bath will have already been made for your arrival, and will be the perfect temperature.

The bath gel and salts used will smell intoxicating and will fill the whole bathroom, making the atmosphere very romantic, intimate and special.

When you have climbed into the bath the masseuse will join you. She will fully scrub your whole body with a soft sponge, making sure to not miss any part of your body. You feel her wet soapy naked skin rub against yours.

At this point you will be feeling truly relaxed and at ease with your surroundings and with your chosen sexy therapist. She will make sure to clean your intimate areas, she will then move around so she is behind you where you can then lean back on her.

She will then proceed to massage your shoulders, back and neck, you will feel her breath on the back of your neck which will send shivers down your spine.

The Perfect Warm Up

You can stay and relax with your masseuse in the bath for as long as you like but remember this is only the warm up. Once you step out of the bath you be asked to come to the bed or massage table where the main body to body or tantric massage will start.

Having a bath, as many people will testify too, is an excellent way to relax. Sharing that bath with a beautiful female will make it even better. Whatever style of erotic massage you choose, be it nuru or a prostate massage in London, having a sexy shared bath is the very best way to start proceedings.

So add this therapy to your session and lets melt away into pure bubbly bliss.




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