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Give your partner an erotic massage

If you can learn a few erotic massage techniques, your girlfriend or wife will be very impressed indeed.

If you want to really impress your partner and make her feel special there is nothing better than to give her an intimate erotic massage. This is also a perfect foreplay strategy to get you both really in the mood for a sensual encounter.

Massage is all about touching the right places using the right pressure, while being able to build the sensations in your partners body. The best place to start off is with the feet and legs, smoothly working your way up her thighs and onto her buttocks.

You can then move onto her back and neck. Using your finger nails, to slowly drift across her back will give her some wonderful sensations.

erotic masseuse

Time to start getting a little more erotic

You can then ask your partner to turn over. Do not feel afraid of asking her if there are any specific techniques she likes or any part of her body she likes to have massaged.

You can now massage her front. Massage the top part of her thighs, each time going a little closer to her yoni. Be patient and be prepared to tease her, as women take a little longer than men to arrive into a horny state of mind.

You can also massage her arms and breasts, this in particular is a very erogenous part of the female body and will really get your partners blood flowing if you can gently and erotically massage her nipples and breasts. 

Once you can tell that she is in a very horny state you can work your way down to her yoni. This is the most sensitive part of her body so be gentle and slow.

One technique that works well is to put some light pressure on her lower stomach just above her yoni as this helps direct blood to area. After this you can then massage the lips of the vagina.

The perfect foreplay strategy

We will not go into more detail about the tricks and techniques you can employ as there are many articles on the internet and in books that discuss this part. 

One idea could also be to see a tantric teacher and get them to show you how to erotically massage your partner. Just like anything else in life, practise makes perfect, and in this case practise also means a lot of fun for both you and your lover.

If you can master the techniques you partner will appreciate it very much and will award back by giving your a nice erotic massage too.

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