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Mutual Massage In London

A mutual massage is when you get to massage the masseuse.

Most people go for an erotic massage because they like the masseuse to caress their body all over with loving kind touch. Everybody knows human touch carries great health benefits and when done in a sensual way can feel fantastic.

However, it is always nice to reciprocate the gift of touch that another person has given you. So many people like to return the favour and massage the masseuse, this in London is known as a mutual massage.

Mutual massage is a key part of the full service massage which we offer

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Sensitive Approach

Women have thousands of nerve endings across their body that when erotically touched feel extremely arousing. If your erotic masseuse says it is fine for you to touch and massage them, then here are some tips on how to do it.

Top Tips For a Mutual Massage – 

First of all, make sure your hands are warm, there is nothing worse than the sudden shock of cold hands onto a warm body. Make sure to be gentle, do not go straight to massaging the obvious areas of the female body such as the breasts.

You can begin by massaging the upper back and shoulders, and then working your way down to the lower back, thighs and legs. The legs in particular are a sensitive part of the female body.

When it seems as if she is feeling more relaxed and at ease with you massaging her, you can start softly massaging the more erogenous areas such as upper thighs and breasts. 

Work you way down to stomach, caressing her skin just above the yoni, with each move getting close to that zone. Then do the same but coming from the legs up to the thighs. 

Start moving back to massaging the breasts and nipples. If she is enjoying it you should feel her becoming more turned on.

When the mood is getting more intimate you can start to gently massage her inner thighs and yoni. Softly touching the outer lips of her vagina and gently touching the clit. 

If she is appreciating your massage you can start to insert your fingers deeper into her vagina. Make sure to be gentle and soft in your approach as this is a very sensitive part of the female body. 

All in all, having a mutual massage in London should be a lot of fun and both people should enjoy it. Make sure she is enjoying the touching and the attention you are giving her.

She may also give you some tips about where and how to touch, which is a great way to build up your expertise that can be used in your every day sexual relationships.




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