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How To Prepare For a Sensual Massage

Get the most out of your massage session by preparing both your body and mind.

Some people go for a sexy massage once a year, and other people once per week. The vast majority of people who we speak to say they go for a massage about once every month. We think the more massages you have the better, as it is very beneficial for your health.

However, sometimes it is about quality over quantity. This means making every session you go to count and making sure you get the most out of each massage for your own personal reasons, weather that is to just relax or to have an outstanding orgasm.

Here are three things you can do to get the best out of a sensual massage -

1. Taking Deep Breaths

Do this before your massage begins and while your massage is also taking place. Taking deep breaths is a great way to calm the body and mind from getting over excited, which of course can happen when you find your self being touched in sensual ways.

Breath in through the nose and then exhale out of the mouth, you will be amazed at how much of a calming effect this has.

2. Showering before you massage

Most massage providers offer you a chance to have a shower before your massage. This is an option you should accept as it makes your body nice and clean, no masseuse wants to touch a body that is smelly or dirty, and also warms up your muscles.

Having water poured all over the body is also a mentally refreshing thing to do, as if you are cleansing the soul. This is part of the reason why you see so many religious ceremonies involving water.

3. Find a masseuse that is right for you

This is probably the most important of all three points. Find a masseuse that can help you achieve want you want from the session is key.

We have often heard stories from clients who have chosen a masseuse purely based on looks or price, and end up feeling no connection with the masseuse. If you make a connection with your masseuse and you enjoy spending time together then it can make future massages even more special. 

As you start to grow a relationship with each other and your masseuse further understands what you like.




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