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Tips On How To Prolong An Orgasm

The longer you can hold on from having an orgasm the better the ending will be.

Here are some ideas about to prolong that release. The best methods for stopping your self from having an orgasm too quickly include breath control and exercises.

The techniques we are about to reveal will make your erotic massage in London even better, as well as improve your love life and all round health. There are many ways to control your orgasm, which can be done alone or with the help of another person.

Deep breathing is a great way to prolong when you cum, short shallow breaths just speed up you heartbeat which will make you ejaculate quicker. Concentrate on spending five seconds breathing in one full deep breath, and hold it for three seconds before exhaling for five seconds.

This breathing technique can be used in the bedroom, and if you focus on your sexual partners breathing it can increase the erotic connection between the two of you.

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There is also one more method that will make you a hit with your sexual partner.

A second way is called the stop-and-start method. If you are close to cumming you just slow down and hold back, a talented tantric masseuse will help you with this.

This method helps you find that point where you know you are about to cum, knowing this will help you understand when the time is near and when to slow down.

Learning about your own body is a great way to stop just before orgasm. Men can also do kegal exercises, this is done by stopping the flow of urine and holding it for ten seconds.

If you can control the puboccygeus muscle during sex or in a lingam massage. This will help you strengthen your kegal muscles, and you will then be able to control and put off your orgasm for longer periods.

Erotic massage is the perfect way to practice all the above tips. If you are having an erotic massage you can ask your sensual masseuse to grip the base of your penis firmly just before you are about to cum, this will stop the orgasm.

Most sensual masseuses who are any good know this and will help you achieve the prolonging, making your surf those blissful orgasmic waves. This is why sensual massage is not just good for your body and mind but is a great way to prepare you for great sex with your partner.

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